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name: susan
age: 15
birthday: june 27th, 1988.
occupation: student, webmaster.
maritial status: haha...i'm 15.
residence: new york, usa.
family: my mom, dad, two brothers, my turtle, egor, and my brother's frog
favorite movies: pirates of the caribbean, harry potter, aladdin
favorite books: the da vinci code, harry potter series.
favorite tv shows: will and grace, friends, everybody loves raymond, boy meets world
favorite foods: pizza, bacon cheeseburgers, chinese food...yummy!
favorite singers: i love clay aiken beyond belief...and i like good charlotte,
favorite celebritys: i love orlando bloom, hayden christenson, natalie portman, harrison ford, matthew perry, jennifer aniston, robin williams, wayne brady, jamie lee curtis...
favorite things to do: hang with my friends or cousins, play the flute, piccolo, go to marching band, read, write, and draw.
best friends: lindsey, liz, nicole, dana, tori, dana, jackie
favorite subjects: english
things i hate: when my computer doesn't work, people who are suck ups, the fact that people are convinced that marching band is gay...inatimate objects don't have a sexual preference...rich snobby girls, and lots more.
future: i want to be a journalist or an english major

anything else you want to know about me?? e-mail me and we'll chat!