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Aladdin is the hero of our story. He is a streetwise, smart, brave and handsome. Al is a streetrat living on the streets of Agrabah. He knows he is more than what everyone thinks of him and someday wants to show it. He dreams of a rich life with no problems with his sidekick Abu.
Al meets Princess Jasmine and falls in love with her. He uses a wish from his Genie to win her love, and pretends to be a prince. Little does he know that Jasmine doesn't care about money or riches. All she wants is the boy from the marketplace who she fell in love with.
Aladdin promises Genie his freedom, but then breaks his promise because he can't bear to lose Jasmine. He doesn't want her to find out who he really is because he is ashamed and afraid her father won't allow them to marry. When he finally realizes what he has to do, he knows that he must free himself from lies and pretending to be somebody else before he can ever free the Genie.
Aladdin's speaking voice is played by Scott Weinger
Aladdin's singing voice is played by Brad Kane

Princess Jasmine is a spunky princess who is ready for adventure, action and romance. She feels as if she is trapped inside the walls of the palace. When she escapes over the wall to see a city she'd one day help rule, she met Aladdin.
After he saved her life, Jasmine fell in love with Aladdin just as he loved her. Though she didn't even know his name, she knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. When he was taken by the guards on orders from Jafar and supposedly beheaded, she realized her true feelings about him, and felt his death was her fault.
When Aladdin arrived as Prince Ali, she disliked his pretending to be a big shot. But when she looked into his eyes, she realized it was the same boy from the marketplace she knew and loved. After tricking him into admitting who he really was, she truly knew she was in love with him.
Though Jafar has other plans, Jasmine in the end is allowed to choose who she wants to marry. She knew from the start that a prince isn't just a title, it describes somebody who really feels for you and loves you. She knows that Aladdin is a true prince.
Jasmine's speaking voice is played by Linda Larkin
Jasmine's singing voice is played by Lea Salonga

The Genie is a big, blue, lovable, magical lug. He is a key character who wants his freedom as much as Aladdin wants Jasmine. He has the ability to grant 3 wishes to whoever rubs his lamp. Aladdin does, and after tricking Genie and still getting 3 wishes, he promises to wish Genie free. Genie goes all out to create a parade for Aladdin, and he saves his life as well. But when Aladdin tells him he can't wish him free, Genie is sorry he had.
When Genie sees how much Aladdin loves Jasmine, he lets Aladdin know that his future is just as important to him as his own freedom.
Aladdin knows what he has to do and makes an important choice that Genie knows took a lot of guts. It's him telling Aladdin that he will always be a prince to him that really changes the Sultan's mind about Jasmine's choice of husband.
Genie's speaking and singing voice are both played by Robin Williams

Abu is Aladdin's loyal monkey sidekick. He is crazy about Aladdin and saved his life countless times. Though he is cute and tiny, he has a big appetite and a huge temper. He gets jealous of anyone getting too close to Aladdin, and was mad at Jasmine because Aladdin focused on her.
Abu doesn't adjust well to meeting Carpet, meeting Genie or becoming an elephant, but in the end Abu gives in and lets Jasmine, Genie and Carpet become important parts of Aladdin's life.
Abu's voice is played by Frank Welker

Jafar isn't your typical Disney villian. He pretends to be a good guy, but you can see right through him.
Jafar is out to rule Agrabah by marrying Jasmine and then disposing of the rest of the gang. He doesn't suceed because our handsome hero Aladdin won't let him. Jafar takes over by stealing the Genie's lamp from Aladdin and making his wishes. First he wishes to become the Sultan and steals his clothes. Then he wishes to become a sorceror and lets everybody know Aladdin is not really Prince Ali. He changes him back to his Aladdin street clothes and Jasmine realizes she was tricked. She ignores the fact that he lied to her, for the moment. Jafar sends Abu, Carpet and Aladdin off to the ends of the earth, and they come back to an Agrabah very different from the way they left it.
At last, Aladdin tricks Jafar into wishing he was a genie, because they are so powerful. He traps Iago and Jafar in Jafar's new genie lamp, knowing they overlooked the fact that genies are prisoners to their own lamps and servants to their masters.
Jafar's speaking and singing voice are played by Jonathan Freeman.

Carpet was found in The Cave of Wonders and is beautiful. He saves Aladdin's butt countless times. Carpet saves Al's life in The Cave of Wonders, takes Aladdin and Jasmine on a magic carpet ride where they fall in love, helps Aladdin kiss Jasmine, and gets them off the ends of the earth. The Sultan loves him to death. He is a loyal sidekick and has prior friendships with the Genie. Carpet does not speak, and he is the first Disney character to be completely computer animated.

Iago is our crazy villian sidekick. He has a huge mouth and conceals his ability to speak for about five minutes into the movie.
Iago is greedy and sarcastic, but deep down inside there just might be a loving little bird.
Though Iago is annoying, there's something about him you just got to love. He's cute, and his sarcasm is perhaps the funniest part of the movie, other than the Genie's jokes.
Though Iago is punished along with Jafar at the end of the movie, he makes a comeback in The Return of Jafar and becomes a good guy. He also plays a major role in Aladdin and The King of Thieves, and, I think, shows a stong resemblence to Aladdin's father.
Iago's voice is played by Gilbert Gottfried.

the sultan
The Sultan is a cute, lovable, bouncing baby. You just want to squeeze him. He is a little boy hidden inside an old man's body. He is adorable and sweet and brings out the child in you.
The Sultan is mostly concerned with the well being of his daughter, Jasmine, and not much else. He is unaware that his loyal adviser is plotting against him.
The Sultan really changes his mind about both Aladdin and Jasmine's future when Genie claims that Aladdin will always be a prince to him. He looks at Aladdin and Jasmine and sees something different than he saw before. He knows Aladdin just saved Agrabah, and Jasmine would never be happy with anyone else. He too, is able to look at Aladdin, a street rat, and see something different, something Jasmine immediatly saw. He knows Aladdin will make a fine sultan with a little training, and a fine husband to Jasmine, needing no training at all.
The Sultan's voice is played by Douglas Seale.