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okay...here's the aladdin fanart section...i have fanart from Manon, Ruth, Shannon, The Violin Player, and Angie.

do you want to send in your aladdin fanart?

give me your name, or alias which you want me to write on the page, your e-mail address, your website (if you have one). if you have the image urls of the pictures from your website, write that too. if you don't have a website, e-mail me the pictures at theartofagrabah@yahoo.com. i will contact you whether or not you use the form or e-mail. remember, no pornographic pictures...all private parts must be covered... ;)

Your Name:
Your Email Address:
Your Website:
Image URLs:

here's the fanart i have recieved...

my fanart...

manon's fanart
see more of manon's disney fanart at manon's disney fanart

ruth's fanart
see more of ruth's disney fanart at ruth's study

shannon's fanart
see more of shannon's disney fanart at shannons disney work

angie's fanart

christina and angie's fanart

This is the best website ever! My cousin Liz is an amazing artist, and I am linking to her site right here. See her artwork here.