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here's my fanfiction...

the ultimate sacrifice- jasmine is forced to make a horrible choice between the love of her life, aladdin, and her father.
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the portrayal of a lifetime- jasmine sees aladdin having an affair...but when he tries to plead with her that it wasn't him, she begins to wonder just who it was that she saw with that other woman...
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the perfect present- aladdin goes out of his way to find the most special gift for jasmine...and ends up in a heap of trouble...
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one true love- the sultan meets a woman who is too good to be true...is she?
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these are my original characters...you can't use them unless u e-mail me and ask for my permission...
Croton, and the tribe of Roptof people
Haldra, Hondut, their father Sultan Tajeed, ruler of the city Jayah, as well as Klona and Flone
Queen Ceria, ruler of the city Kinner, and her son, Prince Rashid.

this is my first time ever doing this...but if you want to submit your fanfiction, i would love it.
please, nothing smutty, or nc-17. also, if it is not online, don't use the form, just e-mail me your fic, and i will read it and post it.

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