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Arabian Nights

Words by Howard Ashman Music by Alan Menken
Produced and Arranged by Bruce Rowland
Performed by Brian Hannan

Follow me to a place where incredible feats
are routine every hour or so
Where enchantment runs rampant
gets wild in the streets
Open Sesame and here we go
Arabian Nights
like Arabian days
They tease and excite
Take off and take flight
They shock and amaze
Arabian Nights
like Arabian days
more often than not
are hotter than hot
in a lot of good ways
Pack your shield, pack your sword
you won't ever get bored
Though get beaten or gored you might
C'mon down stop on by
hop a carpet and fly
to another Arabian Night.

I'm Looking Out For Me

Words and Music by Randy Petersen & Kevin Quinn
Performed by Gilbert Gottfried

That's it!
I've had it!
I hate to be dramatic,
But it's time for me to fly the coop
I'm drawin' the line
Before I wind up in a parrot soup!
I was a fool to let you run the show
I'm cuttin' ya loose, pal!
Look out below!
C'est la vie!
Hope all goes well!
I'm lookin' out for me!
Okay! I'm little,
Been playin' tank and fiddle,
And I don't get no respect
I turn the other cheek,
But this busted beak
Is the only thanks that I get!
I never found a friend that I can trust
They promise caviar,
And leave me eatin' dust!
That's some reward for loyalty
From here on in,
I'm lookin' out for me!
Oh, I don't need nobody else
I'll never fail
I'll cover my own tail
I can take care of myself!
You know, it just don't pay
To give a hoot
I'm givin' all my heart
What do I get?
Da boot!
I'm through wit' dat,
I'm flappin' free
From here on in,
I'm lookin' out for me!

Nothing Like a Friend

Words and Music by Dale Gonyea and Michael Silversher
Performed by Liz Callaway, Dan Castellaneta, Brad Kane

Genie: I parachuted down
Into the Taj Mahal
I rode a (-I don't know-)
Along the great Great Wall!
I even made the famous
Leaning Tower fall,
But who was with me through it all?
The Moscow Circus
Hired me to fly trapeze
On Mount Olympus,
Ran a race with Hercules
It's easy when you're chased by killer bees!!
Who said "geshundheit" when I sneezed? *ACHOO*
So now I'm home,
Home again with you,
You chase the clouds away
Whenever I am blue

(Aladdin: You're always blue!)

Genie: And the pyramids,
I highly recommend
There is nothing in the world
Quite like a friend!
Slept like a babe in Bombay
On a bed of nails
Moroccans set my fairy tales
Of seven veils
I single-handedly
I even saved the whales!
No one was there to hear my tales!
In Acapulco,
Joined a Mariachi band
I rode the ragin' rapids
Down the Rio Grande
Flew in a air balloon,
But when I tried to land
Nobody laughed,
Or lent a hand
Without you, the Amazon is
Just a trickle
Without you, the Sahara's
Not so hot
Without you, Niagara Falls
Is just a leaky faucet
And the Huey II
Is just some yacht
Now that I'm home,
Home again, it's clear,
All I ever wanted
Seems to be right here
I've traveled East and West
And now, I'm back again
And there's nothing in the world
Quite like a friend...

Aladdin: There's nothing in the world

Jasmine: Nothing in the whole wide world

All: There is nothing in the world
Quite like a friend!
Nothin' in the whole wide world!

Forget About Love

Words and Music by Silversher & Silversher
Performed by Liz Callaway, Gilbert Gottfried, Brad Kane

Iago: Forget about that guy
Forget about the way you fell into his eyes
Forget about his charms
Forget about the way he held you in his arms
Walking on air's obnoxious
The thrill
The chill
Will make you nauseous
And you'll never get enough
Just forget about love!
Forget about romance
Forget about the way your heart begins to dance

(Aladdin: Jasmine)

Then you feel the blush
When he's spouting out some sentimental mush
Love really is revolting!
It's even worse than when you're molting
Enough of this fluff!
Just forget about love!

Jasmine: I had almost forgotten the way it felt
When he held out his hand for mine
My heart all a-flutter

Iago: Oh, how I shudder

Jasmine: The first time we kissed

Iago: It won't be missed!
Forget about 'is touch

Jasmine: I can't forget about his touch

Iago: In the scheme of things,
It doesn't matter much

Jasmine: It matters so mu-uch

Iago: You're better on your own
A meal becomes a banquet
When you eat alone

Jasmine: Hmm-mm-mm-mm

Both: Love's filled with compromises

Iago: And don't you hate those big surprises?

Jasmine: A cozy rendezvous

Iago: Oh, please!

Jasmine: Candlelight for two

Iago: Oh, geez!

Jasmine: Look you're calling my bluff!

Both:(I can't) (Just) forget about love!

Jasmine: I can't forget about my heart

Aladdin: I can't forget about my heart

Jasmine: And how it felt
To fall for you right from the start

Aladdin: I'm still falling

Jasmine: Whatever we may do

Aladdin: Whatever we may do

Jasmine: You are here for me,
And I'll be there for you

Aladdin: I'll be there

Both: To wish, to want, to wander
To find the sun
Through rain and thunder

Aladdin: A cozy rendezvous

Jasmine: Yes, please!

Aladdin: Candlelight for two

Iago: Oh, geez!
Enough is enough!

Aladdin and Jasmine: We can't forget about love

You're Only Second Rate

Words and Music by Randy Petersen & Kevin Quinn
Performed by Jonathan Freeman

Jafar: I must admit,
Your parlor tricks are amusing
I bet you've got a bunny
Under your hat!
Now here's your chance
To get the best of me,
Hope your hand is hot!
C'mon, clown,
Let's see what you've got!
You try to slam me
With your hardest stuff
But your double whammy
Isn't up to snuff
I'll set the record straight
You're simply out of date
You're only second rate!
You think your cat's a meanie,
But your tiger's tame
You've got a lot to learn
About the genie game
So for your information,
I'll reiterate
You're only second rate!
Men cower at the power
In my pinky
My thumb is number one
On every list
But if you're not convinced
That I'm invincible,
Put me to the test!
I'd love to lay this rivalry to rest!
Go ahead and zap me
With the big surprise
Snap me in a trap,
Cut me down to size
I'll make a big escape
It's just a piece of cake
You're only second rate!
You know, your hocus-pocus
Isn't tough enough
And your mumbo-jumbo
Doesn't measure up
Let me pontificate
Upon your sorry state
You're only second rate!
Granny's gonna grab ya!
And this thing's bigger than the both of us!
So spare me your tremendous scare!
You look horrendous in your underwear!
And I can hardly wait
To discombobulate
I'll send ya back and packing
In a shipping crate
You'll make a better living
With a spinning plate
You're only second rate!