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First off, my pictures.

Before making a website was the slightest idea in my mind, I took pictures from every single Aladdin website on the internet and just had a collection. I was a bit of a stalker, I visited Sindie's Site of Fun, Aladdin and Jasmine Forever, this Aladdin page, Aladdin Central, AWNWML's homepage, The Library of Agrabah, Sedeara's Sand Scrolls, and Agrabah's Market. I visited all these websites, over and over again, waiting for updates, fanfics and pictures. (I was more than a bit of a stalker, I was obsessed with Aladdin.) At first I tried to write my own fanfic, The Ultimate Sacrifice, which I sent to Jessie to put on Aladdin and Jasmine Forever, then sent it to Sedeara's Sand Scrolls, and then after The Library of Agrabah. After seeing all these websites, well organized and perfect, I decided I wanted one of my own. ~But,~ I thought to myself, ~What could I ever put on it?~
It came to me that I had a huge collection of pictures, over 175, probably more. I had almost every Aladdin picture thought of, in this one little folder called Movie Pictures. I decided I would make the biggest collection of Aladdin screenshots on the whole internet.
It appears I have achieved my goal. There are over 200 screenshots here, many of which are taken from all of the other Aladdin websites out there. I know it's awful to steal, but it wasn't on purpose, I swear. *Puts her hand over her heart* I didn't mean to take anything from you and not cite it, or take anything from you at all. I swear, first I saved all the pictures for personal reasons, then made this website. I didn't know who exactly the pictures had come from, and instead of trying to at least find some, being the lazy person I am, *smiles* I didn't even try to cite any. I'm sorry if anybody is angered by me using your pictures without permission, I didn't do it on purpose. Please forgive me, then e-mail me with your website name and address so I can put them on this page.

I'd like to give much thanks to everybody on the AWNWML, you guys are really sweet. I sent you my art and my fanfics and websites, and you read and looked at them, and you always said nice things. Thanks so much.

I'd also like to thank Disney for creating such a movie that *I* can feel so passionate about. Usually I am a tough girl, but when I watch Aladdin, I cry at the end. This movie hits me so hard every time I watch it. It has so much feeling, so emotion, so much to think and imagine about. It makes me sad and happy at the same time, and the message of being yourself makes me feel so...unique. I thank every animator, every actor, everyone who put even the smallest idea into that movie. Thank you for being yourselves and creating such a masterpiece.

I'd also like to thank my parents for letting me use their computer for hours a day and buying me a scanner, and a cable modem. Their presence in my lives has made living worthwhile, for without them, I'd be nothing. My mother and father are great inspiration, because they do so much, and sometimes get nothing in return. Yet, they perservere and continue caring for others.

I offer my thanks and blessings to all of you. Thank you, and God Bless!

Also, much thanks to a couple of the below websites. Before starting this website, I had helped my cousin create a pokemon one, *face turns red* Yes, I enjoy pokemon, which is a bit of a laugh. Out website went absolutely nowhere, and I was afraid that would happen with this one. It appears it has not, and any html I learned, it was from my cousin and the below websites.

Create FREE graphics at FlamingText.com
Thank you FlamingText.com, for helping me create titles for every page of my website.

Thank you, Funky Chickens, for helping me learn html.

Thank you, Bravenet.com, for an amazing utilities for my website.

I'd like to thank every website that I have *borrowed* screenshots from. Most of them are no longer updating, but if they are, they are here. If I've *borrowed* a screenshot from your website, and your site isn't there, e-mail me and bother the crap out of me and make me put it here.