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so you want to win an award for your website? here are the rules.

:*: absolutely no adult content.
:*: please sign the guestbook.
:*: your site must have actual content and show knowledge of html. no pages of just links.
:*: after i send you the award, you must link it to http://www.theartofagrabah.0catch.com/
:*: btw. your site doesn't have to be about disney/aladdin. it can be anything at all.
:*: choose 1 award from below and fill out the form.

which award:

Previous Winners of My Awards

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Aladdin Central
Folklore Tribute to Walt Disney and Company--100 Years
Shannon's Disney World
Dick's Disney Site
Bryan's Unofficial Disneyland Webpage
Sean's Unofficial Site for the Haunted Mansion
The Beauty and The Beast Library
Kristin's Studio
Jasmine's Emergency! Website
Sindie's Site of Fun
Jellicle Zone
Dick's Disney Characters
Cinje's Paradise